• Cocotinos Sekotong Lombok
  • Cocotinos Sekotong Lombok
  • Cocotinos Sekotong Lombok
  • Cocotinos Sekotong Lombok
  • Cocotinos Sekotong Lombok
  • Cocotinos Sekotong Lombok
  • Cocotinos Sekotong Lombok
  • Cocotinos Sekotong Lombok
  • Cocotinos Sekotong Lombok
  • Cocotinos Sekotong Lombok

Cocotinos Sekotong Lombok


A boutique beach resort and spa, is set amidst a coconut grove in Sekotong Bay on the south-west corner of Lombok Island.

Guests arrive by air at the Seleparang Airport in Mataram and a 75-min drive brings them through well-swept towns, lush green padi fields and verdant forests; the final part of the journey follows a winding coastline from picturesque Lembar Harbour to a secluded white-sand beach at Tanjung Empet.(Google Map)

The site where the resort is built was chosen for reasons of accessibility (the roads are paved and well-maintained all the way from the airport to the resort), and the availability of electrical power, water and telecommunication links. Furthermore, the resort faces the 3 coconut-fringed islands of Gili Nanggu, Gili Tangkong and Gili Sudak.

Fronting the resort is a glorious white-sand beach which spans over 300m, part of which lies within a private cove.

While the northern Gilis (Trawangan, Meno and Air) are well-known and developed, these 3 islands in the south-west are still unspoilt, tropical islands. Gili Nanggu, which is closest to the resort, is already rated as one of the world’s best snorkelling destinations by Silkwind magazine. Apart from these 3 islands, there are 10 other islands within an easy boat ride.

Cocotinos Sekotong was designed along similar lines to our first Cocotinos Resort in Manado, but on a grander and more luxurious scale, while still maintaining that cosy ambience and personalised service, now synonymous with our Cocotinos brand.



Like our first resort in Manado, Cocotinos Sekotong also provides world-class facilities for diving and snorkelling, and much more. The white-sand beaches, turquoise-blue waters and idyllic islands nearby make the resort an ideal location for romantic getaways and a variety of water sports.

Presently, there is only 1 other dive operator in the Sekotong area and no other major resort. Cocotinos Sekotong is therefore the first luxury facility to offer travellers the opportunity to explore this serene and enchanting part of Lombok while enjoying all the modern comforts of a boutique resort. South Lombok is also well known as an exciting surfing destination, offering world-class rides, for both beginners and experts.

With the opening of the new international airport at Praya in central Lombok (since October 2011), the journey to Cocotinos Sekotong is now more pleasant with a new stretch of road for the first part of the journey.

Your stay at Cocotinos will not be complete without a visit to our Laleina Spa. Laleina, which means the sea, appropriately describes the spa which is located on the beach overlooking the sea towards Gili Nanggu. In this quiet and beautiful setting your tension will melt away to the sound of the waves gently lapping the shore, in the hands of our dedicated spa therapists. Come for a massage, scrub or an exotic detoxifying wrap.

Away from the maddening crowd, Cocotinos-Sekotong offers a range of dive sites only a few have been to. Once you arrive at the dive site, you will often find no other dive boats there, making your dive an undisturbed and enjoyable one!

This 17m by 7m fresh water pool is a central feature of the resort, situated on the beachfront, and adjacent to the Ela-Ela Restaurant & Bar. The deep end at 2m is ideal for conducting scuba training. Roll off the sandstone ledge and cool off in the refreshing water of the shallow pool while taking in the splendid views of the 3 idyllic Gilis. Or, stretch out on one of our teak sun-loungers and simple relax while enjoying one of our long cool drinks from the bar.

As a service to our valued guests, apparels, local craft, pre-paid mobile phone cards (and refills), toiletries, snacks and drinks are available for sale.

Internet Access is provided via WIFI™ free of charge at Ela-Ela Restaurant & Bar. Being in a remote area with no cable infrastructure, our internet link is established by satellite. On occasion, WIFI connectivity may be poor or not available. If you have not brought your own laptop, you may use the computer located in the digital camera studio to check your emails.

We have a selection of magazines and books for your reading pleasure. Our library of magazines and books are contributed by guests and staff. We welcome the contribution of your books and magazines. If you so wish, you may write a personal note and sign on the first page of the book.

Work space for video and photography enthusiasts. Charging facilities with 110V and 220V surge protected and UPS supported outlets. Use of computer for viewing, editing and temporary storage of photos. Blank writable DVDs and CD are available for sale. Universal plug adapters are readily available.

Television is available in all rooms. The programmes available include international news, sports (ESPN, Star Sports, Euro Sports), education/entertainment (Discovery, NatGeo, AXN) and movies (HBO, Cinemax). The use of satellite dishes means that disruptions in transmission may unfortunatey happen from time to time depending on the weather.


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