Feature story: Lelei and Guraici, North Maluku’s island “jewels”

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Lelei & Guraici Island, Maluku

Two of Indonesia’s finest hidden nature treasures

Tiny Lelei Island, along with it’s even tinier neighbour Guraici Island,are part of the Kayoa Islands located west of Pulau Kayoa in South Halmahera, North Maluku province.

These two hidden island “jewels” have some of the finest white sand beaches in North Maluku.

Lelei Island is the entrance to Guraici Island. It has two small villages inhabited by ethnic Makianese and Galelarese. The reefs off the white sand beach are rich in fish and marine life, making it a great snorkeling spot. White-tipped reef sharks made the reef their home, and encounters with them are common.

Locally, the island is famous as the home island of the current governor of North Maluku. It recently received funding for tourism development, and several wooden chalets have been built to accommodate visitors.

Guraici, which means “small gardens” in the local language,is a small uninhabited island with a fine white sand beach. Its crystal clear waters are home to an amazing underwater garden and are ideal for swimming, diving, and snorkeling. Visitors who wish to enjoy the underwater activities can rent a long-tail boat (ketinting) to reach it from Lelei Island, and bring their own equipment.


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