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  • Asia World Indonesia - Bali Kids Foundation
  • Asia World Indonesia - Bali Kids Foundation
  • Asia World Indonesia - Bali Kids Foundation

Social Responsibility


On the ‘Island of the Gods’ you will discover luxury five star resorts and beautiful palm fringed beaches. If your heart searches beyond you will also discover thousands of poverty stricken children. Children, who live in appalling conditions, suffer from malnutrition and cry themselves to sleep at night.

A centre for children in crisis, which could provide quality medical care and love,   was much needed and Bali Kids opened in April 2005 with the help of two wonderful women, Yayuk Kanti and Alitulessy who have helped many children in Bali.

Bali Kids centre is open to any child registered in Bali’s orphanages who needs medical attention. Children from the local village projects, whose family hold a ‘poor family card’, can also receive free treatment and care. Children needing to be hospitalized are provided pre and postoperative care at the centre. Short and long term accommodation is available.

Hospital appointments and the logistics of organizing surgery are provided by Bali Kids. Funding for surgery must be secured from outside sources as Bali Kids is only funded to provide clinical services.  
Bali Kids is non-denominational and accepts children from all orphanages on the island and the children’s culture and background is always respected. A mobile medical service operates 4 – 5 days per week and travels throughout Bali on a roster system with an average of approximately 600 children being treated each month. The Foundation Committee is headed by Nyoman Kusala, a qualified Accountant who oversees the Accounting procedures and Audit.  

The team educates Directors and staff of orphanages in preventative measures regarding Hygiene, Health, Diet, HIV/Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Child Protection and Abuse, Bullying and Environment through our four current education programs. This is supported by illustrated books given to the staff and children following an informative lecture by the team. Due to the preventative work carried out cases of scabies, other infectious conditions and health problems have greatly declined and general health improved. The medical team has forged a strong relationship with the orphanages and the children are more forthcoming with personal health issues.

Asia World Indonesia cares about the children of Bali and by supporting Bali Kids Foundation we hope to make a difference.
Every child has the right to health happiness and education!


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