West Kalimantan


West Kalimantan is commonly referred to A Thousand Rivers province as it has hundreds of rivers traversing it. Although the province has roads the rivers specifically the Kapuas River, Sambas River, Sekayam River, Landak River, Melawi River and Pawan River are used for transportation for both people and goods.

A large part of the province is relatively unexplored especially the highlands deep in the province. It is rich in history, culture and has numerous places of interest for the tourist. The area has vast deposits of minerals and precious stones such as gold, mercury, manganese, bauxite, gypsum and kaolin. The West Kalimantan jungle has abundant tropical hardwoods, rattan and candlenut trees.

Pontianak is West Kalimantans provincial capital and is known the city on the Equator.

Geography: The province borders on Sarawak, East Malaysia and the Muller Mountain Range and in west are the South China Sea and the Karimata Strait.

Climate: West Kalimantan has a tropical moist climate with average temperature of about 26°C. Rainfall is evenly distributed throughout the year with the heaviest rainfall in January and October.


Pontianak City
Betang Longhouse Borneo
Betang Longhouse Borneo

There are numerous tourist attractions in this capital city. Its pride is the Mujahiddin Mosque, which is the biggest mosque in the province. The Sultan Palace of Khadariyah lies nearby, was built in Portuguese style and was a fort against enemy attacks in the past. The historical cathedral with a clock on the top of the church sign shows the historical Christian influences in Pontianak. The Museum of Pontianak is a beautiful building in modern design and has a rich collection of relics from the time of the arrival of Islam in West Kalimantan.

Betang (Longhouse)
This traditional Dayak longhouse is in Saham Village, 158 kms from Pontianak. It measures 186m long, 6m wide and can accommodate 269 people.

Sambas Palace
Pasir Panjang Borneo
Pasir Panjang Borneo

Sambas Palace
This is one of the last remnants of the Kingdom of Sambas and was built by the first ruler Sultan Muhammad Syaefuddin. Still in good condition the palace contains many antiques. Two cemeteries of the Sambas kingdom can be found at separated complexes. One of Sultan Abubakar and the other of Sultan Muhammad Syaefuddin.

Pasir Panjang
Pasir Panjang lies 17 kms from Singkawang in the Sambas regency. Accommodation includes the Pasir Panjang Resort and comfortable cottages. In the vicinity is the Gunung Poteng Hill Resort, a haven for nature lovers due to its cool weather and rich flora and fauna.


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